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The class action against the Canadian government for abuses suffered by students of federally run “Indian Day Schools” was approved on June 21, 2018 and was implemented on January 13th, 2020. Survivors will have until the deadline of July 13, 2022 to complete and submit a claim for compensation.

In order to be eligible for compensation, survivors must have attended one of the Day Schools listed on the List of Federal Day Schools (Schedule K) and experienced harm. The school are listed here.

The Federal Court has recently stated that “The right to seek one’s own counsel is clearly contemplated” in the McLean Indian Day School Settlement Agreement. As such, it is my intention to make myself available for those survivors who wish to hire their own legal counsel to assist them with their claim.  Many former clients who are Day School Survivors have expressed the importance for them to have a lawyer they know and trust to assist them with what, for many, will be a challenging process of revisiting difficult memories.

The range of compensation in this process varies from $10,000 to $200,000 and it’s important that you receive exactly the amount of compensation you deserve.


If you attended one of the schools on the list for the eligible years, and are interested in hiring me to assist you with all aspects of your claim, please fill out the form below or contact me  at nracine@bergermanlaw.com or  (306) 986-3545 so we can discuss moving forward.



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**Please note that filling out this form does not make you a client of Bergerman Smith LLP.  The purpose of this form is to ensure that you are contacted by our office to discuss the possibilities of moving forward on your claim.

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