Wills & Estates

General Law & Consulting
Estate Planning

We understand that planning for the eternal can be difficult. We have the experience and empathy to guide your decision making – helping to preserve your estate for your beneficiaries.

Estate Administration

When someone close has passed, the work necessary to administer the estate is often significant. Whether you are an Executor or Administrator, we:

  1. help you understand your roles, responsibilities and risks;
  2. prepare all documents for applications to the Court for Letter Probate or Letters of Admin.;
  3. communicated with asset holders and navigate the institutional and regulatory requirements to deal with their costs;
  4. effect interim and final distributions to beneficiaries;
  5. work with an accountant to collect information for the final tax return and obtain the Clearance Certificate from CRA

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Planning for Incapacity
Powers of Attorney

Losing the ability to make decisions for yourself is often most difficult for the loved ones called upon to care for you. Incapacity can often arise suddenly and unexpectedly. We will help you plan for such circumstances allowing you to decide who will care for your financial and personal affairs and ensuring those caretakers will not have to contend with unnecessary legal complications or conflict.

Health Care Directives (Living Wills)

Health Care Directives are designed to remove the burden of life and death medical decisions from your loved ones. A lack of such direction from you can often result in conflict between family members who disagree on decisions that have no “right answer.” We help you determine the medical interventions that are right for you and we help you to clearly communicate your decisions.