Real Estate

Residential & Commercial
Buying, Selling or Re-financing a Residential Property?
What you need to know:

What is conveyancing? 
Simply put, conveyancing is the legal process to transfer a property title from one party to another.

What does a lawyer do?
  1. Protects Your Interests
    • Obtains and reviews all relevant documents and details
    • Prepares your conveyancing and mortgage documents
    • Communicates with the other parties
    • Knows the law and helps you resolve any conflict or issues that may arise
    • Safeguards your money
  2. Keeps you Informed
    • What to expect;
    • What you need to do and when ; and
    • Where things are at throughout the transaction (including your money!)

Closing Costs
What types of costs are involved in a Real Estate Transaction?
  1. Legal Fees

    Legal Fees encompass the total cost for the lawyer’s time and expertise.

  2. Disbursements

    The costs that we incur and pay on your behalf. These costs include costs such as:

    • Transfer Registration Fee
    • Mortgage Registration Fee
    • Title Insurance Premium
    • A Tax Search or Certificate
    • Title Searches
    • Miscellaneous (fax, copy, courier, registered mail, etc.)