Indian Boarding Homes Class Action

Indian Boarding Homes Class Action


It is anticipated that the “Indian Boarding Homes” settlement will begin in 2024.  This process will be for individuals that were placed by the Government of Canada in private homes between September 1, 1951, and June 30, 1992, for the purpose of attending elementary and high school. To be eligible for compensation, an applicant must have been alive on July 24, 2016.


There will be two categories of compensation:

  1. anyone who was in the “Indian Boarding Homes Program” will be eligible for a Category 1 payment of $10,000;
  2. if you suffered any physical or sexual abuse, you may apply for Category 2 compensation ranging from $10,000 to $200,000 based on the most serious abuse/harms that you suffered while in the boarding home.


You must have an eligible Category 1 claim filed prior to making a Category 2 claim, but you can file both a Category 1 and Category 2 claim at the same time. A successful Category 1 claim means you are eligible for $10,000 and are able to have a Category 2 claim considered.

If you hire us to assist with your Category 2 claim, we can also assist you with your Category 1 claim if not already filed.


The Government of Canada has agreed to pay your legal fees in an amount equal to 5% (plus tax) of the Category 2 payment you may receive. This means that you can obtain our services at no cost to you and any award you may receive will not be reduced.


If you are the administrator or executor of an estate for someone who was in the “Indian Boarding Homes Program”, and they were alive on July 24, 2016, you may file a Category 1 claim on their behalf and also a Category 2 claim if you, or someone you know, is familiar with the abuse/harms they experienced in the boarding home.

If you would like to be contacted by our office once the “Indian Boarding Homes” class action settlement process begins, please complete the form below.  By completing this form and submitting it to Bergerman Smith LLP you have not entered into a lawyer-client relationship with Bergerman Smith LLP.


Indian Boarding Homes Class Action

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